Where Splendor Never Plateaus

An indomitable wilderness spirit prevails endlessly along the Cumberland Plateau’s immense, elevated span of jagged cliffs, stone shelves, sheer crags, cascading water and primeval woodlands.

This timeless tableland feels eternally untamable. It beckons you to come bear witness to a landscape beset with uncompromising resilience.

The plateau has stood throughout history as a formidable barrier to human travel and trade, even as it attracted great onslaughts of resource-extraction. But a staggering magnitude of dazzling plateau vistas and spellbinding horizons have resisted the creep of industrial development and urbanization — in many places as if it never happened.

Like the people who’ve traversed and lived upon the plateau, its forests have time and again overcome cataclysmic disruptions and steep odds, and today’s plateau has regenerated considerably from the raw industrial age. Eastern pine and diverse hardwood forests have in many places healed scarred and lacerated landscapes quite nicely and — in geologic terms, at least — quite quickly.