McCloud Mountain Restaurant & Lodge

Unique in its location and views, McCloud Mountain Restaurant is perched atop the Cumberlands with a panoramic view that stretches as far as the Smoky Mountains. The restaurant is casual dress and is open to the public, but is accessible by reservation only. Our menu is very diverse, ranging from salads and chicken… to bison burgers and prime rib. Specials are typically reserved for weekends, and range from country dishes and seafood to smoked dishes from our smoker. All dishes are prepared to order, which can take time… but admiring the view with friends and family is a great way to pass that time.
We serve Two meals a day.  Breakfast is from 8:30am until 11am.   Lunch/Dinner begins at 11am, with our last reservations seated as the sun sets.  Times change with the season as sunset time changes (also depending on weather, fog, etc).   Call 423-562-3282 for reservations and hours of operation.


McCloud Mountain Lodge offers a taste of what it is like to live among the clouds. Each room has a private south facing balcony with the most spectacular and panoramic view that many will ever see. Depending on visibilty, you can see the beautiful Powell Valley, Norris Lake, House Mountain and the Great Smoky Mountains. Mornings at the lodge are a special treat when fog covers the valley below. As the sun rises, the fog takes on the appearance of an ocean below. If you choose to eat in, our attentive staff will gladly deliver breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.