Tennessee Civil War Trails

Explore America’s rich history that tells of the division between Tennessee’s Unionists and Confederates that shaped the war experience. The locations, river and rail paths, industries and farmlands all combined to make Tennessee a crucial state for either side. The Trail tells the whole story of America’s Greatest Challenge, 1860-1875, through Civil War and Reconstruction-era sites and resources across the state. More than 1,462 battles, at least one fought in each of the state’s 95 counties, brought destruction to the landscape. Tennessee’s landscape contains many powerful reminders of the Civil War from battlefields and monuments, in places such as Shiloh and Chattanooga, to the sites along the Civil War Trails stretching from Memphis to the Tri-Cites. See the maps of the time, the flags that led the regiments, and the timeline of events that forever changed the physical, social, and economic face of Tennessee.